French country accessories you will definitely want in your kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is decorated in French country or not, these warm, cute and stylish accessories will still look awesome. Mine is definitely not a French Provence kitchen, but we really want these pretty decor items nonetheless.

We made the list of the cutest French country kitchen accessories I found. So, here we go:

1. Rooster plates. Not only these plates are cute and fun looking, but they are handmade using all recycled newspapers and other environmental materials. Make your kitchen look sweet and go green.

Rooster plate

2. Handmade bee sign. I just love it and I don’t need a reason to put it on this list.

bee sign

3. Cutting board. This decoupaged cutting board is so kitchen-y! Roses are so French Country and it will look great in any place of any kitchen.


4. Bright tea cups. These bright tea cups are so French. Bright and merry like morning sun. Who can say no to these pretty colors? I certainly can’t!

5. Colored jars wall decor. This colored mix jar wall decor is simply awesome! It’s an easy DIY project that you can later hang in your kitchen with pride. I think this is going to be my next crafty project.

6. Vintage throw pillow. This vintage French country throw pillow with a bee is a perfect compliment to the #2 on my list. You can’t have too many bees since they are so French.

7. Cotton oven mitts in French Provence style. These oven mitts by VeryandVery in French country style are an eye candy for any kitchen. You can choose between 4 different but gorgeous floral styles to make them match your kitchen.

French country style oven mitt8. Lavender LED candle. Lavender motifs are very popular in French country style. LED candle is an ideal choice for the kitchen as well.

9. Microwave bowl cozy. Handmade microwave bowl cozy in French country style. These roosters though! Flamboyant guys add so much spark to a kitchen. Oh, and they match rooster place in #1. It’s meant to be then.

10. Bless This Mess Sign. Bless This Mess sign. Wow… My perfect excuse not to clean the kitchen if I’m really tired and don’t want to 🙂

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