Decorating with throw pillows in a modern home

Choosing the right throw pillow for your home

The most well known method of interior decoration is accentuating the details. If a room is mostly decorated in neutral and calm colors it is a great idea to add more colors to it with the help of throw pillows. The main advantage of this method is the simplicity of changing these color accents! You can simply change the shams on the pillows and you’ve got a completely new designed room. In order to balance the interior it’s a great idea to use warm accent colors in winter and cold hues in summer.

However, throw pillows don’t have to be the bright color accents of your room. They can be a matching piece to any other accessories or just be picked out to complement the character of your room. You can easily combine decoration pillows with the following elements:

  • Curtains and window panels
  • You can tie together the look of your bedroom, combining the style of throw pillows on your bed and on arm chairs
  • They can complement pictures or posters on the walls
  • You can find throw pillows to match patterns and ornaments on your bed spread or other textiles
  • Throw pillows work well if you tie them with the color or the furniture. For example, if you have a light sofa with dark wood elements you can add dark throw pillows.

Appropriate ways of using throw pillows

There are several ways you can use these soft and squishy interior design accessories:

  • Throw pillows make sofas and couches much more comfortable to sit on. If the pillows are quite big you can use them as floor pillows as well. Imagine inviting your friends over to watch a movie! Movie night will be much more enjoyable if you have lots of soft floor pillows to sit on.
  • If you sleep on a bed with no headboard, throw pillows are an excellent way to make your bed look softer. Moreover, it will be more convenient to sit on such a bed, leaning on a pillow against the wall.
  • Throw pillow can help you create a cozy chill out zone on your veranda, patio or  balcony. If you like to drink tea and read a book sitting comfortably on a windowsill a throw pillow will be a nice thing to put behind your back and lean on it.
  • Children’s bedroom is a perfect place for throw pillows! Kids just love to fight with such “squishy” weapons. Moreover, kids like active games and in case of an accident a throw pillow on the floor can considerably soften the fall.  
  • Lawn furniture will become more comfortable if you add a couple of throw pillows on a cane chair. You can also place such pillows on a garden swing! Bue make sure they are weather resistant.

As you can see from the list, throw pillows can be perfect for any interior and for any room. However, to make them look great it is important to choose them right for your house.

And don’t be afraid to experiment! Creativity is fun.


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  • I like your advice of having pillows work with other elements of the room like curtains or pictures to tie the theme together. My wife and I want to decorate our home more this year so it feels more permanent. Having throw pillows around could make the design seem more deliberate.


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