Curtains as the fashion trend

According to the latest trends in window treatments the art of mixing different materials and texture layering is what’s on right now. Window panels can be very laconic or, on the contrary, very complex. The choice is limitless: from valances and cascade undercurtains to turbid drapes or flowing floor length sheer curtains.

If you take a closer look at the pictures of different window panels, you might notice that roman shades continue to be very popular year after year. They can have various complexity of design and can have different variations of style, but their functionality stays unbeatable.

Another way to add something new to your bedroom or living room is Japanese panels. Add more coziness and originality to your living space. Japanese panels used to be of very moderate colors, but today they become more bright and can have radiant designs.


Classic drapes are still as fashionable as ever. However, today they need to look expensive and chic to be in trend, that’s why it is better to use such fabrics as natural silk, velvet or jacquard. Affectation, dorsal and preciosity – all of this will add luxury to any room. However, choosing expensive drapes you should be careful not to make your room over pompous, as it is considered arrogant.

These curtains are also very stylish right now:

  • Shabby chic curtains with some roughness
  • Automatic window panels
  • Drapes with floral designs in country style

Drapes like these can be easily found on the market today and you will be quite surprised by the choice of materials and designs available today.

Window treatment options that are out of style

For example, it is considered a mauvais ton to combine white sheer curtains with heavy dark or too vivid-colored drapes. Even though it is still considered a classic combination, this option is quite boring and simply cannot add anything fresh to the design of your room.

Also, you shouldn’t choose drapes that boast too bright or vivid colors. Olive shades, as well as the color of sand, muffled rose or tuned down gold will look much better than blazing red or orange colors.

Vintage curtains are also out of trend today. They look heavy and outdated and probably will not be able to add fresh new look to any room.

You should also stay away from:

  • Rococo style curtains
  • Too much accessories
  • Too bright colors

If you have decided to buy some new window panels, now you know which way to go and what styles to stay away from so your house doesn’t turn into a museum or historic hotel. Or maybe you shouldn’t chase new fashion trends and instead just focus on making your house cozy, comfortable and perfect just for you!

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