Choosing a Color for your Kitchen

Choosing a new color for your kitchen? Don’t stress out, read on!

There are no “right” or “wrong” colors in the interior design of the kitchen. There are dozens of prejudices and bias about what colors should or should not be used in the kitchen. There is no good or bad kitchen colors as there is no universal answer. All colors can work well in the kitchen.

When decorating the kitchen, don’t choose the color itself but the “message” this color should deliver. The scientists have long ago studied the influence of different color on human emotions and appetite. What if you like the message, but loathe the color? Search for hues! Any color has dozens of warm and cold hues which will definitely work for you.

Science of color in the kitchen


Red color is not for you if you try to eat right and healthy, watch your weight and count calories. Red kitchen furniture really stimulates the appetite, just picture strawberries, tomatoes, pomegranates, raspberries and other bright red appetite exciters. In case you still want some red in your kitchen, use bright red accessories and your waist and weight will not suffer. Kitchen textiles with bright red roses work best!

kitchen in red color



Yellow and its hues is the most frequent color in kitchen design. The color is strongly associated with sunflowers, butter and meadow flowers, thus helping your digestion. The atmosphere of a sunny day is perfect for the place where you cook meals and get inspired for making food.

kitchen in yellow



The color of oranges and cantaloupes, apricots and brandy will certainly spike up your appetite! However, be very careful when choosing bright orange for walls and kitchen furniture – they would look much better in lighter or paler shades. If you really want your kitchen to be bright orange, choose the accessories or kitchen linens in a desired color rather kitchen cabinets.

kitchen in orange



It’s common knowledge that blue color significantly suppresses appetite. However, if that was truly so, people wouldn’t decorate dishes with exquisite blue patterns of Gzel or manufacture bright blue dinnerware. It’s all about blue light, not the color itself! You probably wouldn’t want to take anything from the fridge where everything is lit by a blue light. It’s all in the reflexes. So if you are willing to choose blue as your main color for the kitchen, go ahead! Just remember to avoid blue lights and lampshades.

kitchen in blue



It has been proved when surrounded by green color a person’s digestive system works better, blood pressure is lower and

Green color has been proved to help digest food, lower blood pressure and calm down irritated nerves. Green color has no limitations in using it for the kitchen and dining room. Choose green kitchen cabinets, furniture, green color for the walls, textiles or accessories – it will all work!

kitchen in green



White color is also good for digesting food. But be careful with different shades of white. Too bright whites are tiresome to look at and some shades of white look dull and grey in certain light. If you choose white as the main color for your kitchen then choose bright colors for accessories and dark wood for the floor.

kitchen in white



Black color is said to help concentrate and focus. It is always stylish and never goes out of fashion. When choosing black color for your kitchen be careful not to make your cooking space look too too dark.

kitchen in black

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