5 ways to freshen up your interior with no remodeling

There are plenty of ways to change the look of your home without moving the furniture or remodeling the whole place. In this article we will cover 5 different ways of how you can redesign your house, condo,  apartment or room, give it a fresh new look and not spend a lot of money in the process. It can be:

  • A new tablecloth
  • New curtains
  • New throw pillows
  • New bedspread
  • New decoration style


A new tablecloth

Never underestimate such an item in your kitchen as a tablecloth. A tablecloth can easily decorate your kitchen and entirely change its feel. The advantage of this item is its low cost and a myriad of different styles, colors and patterns tablecloths come in. The kitchen can change in a second and look totally different thanks to a such simple and inexpensive item as a tablecloth. Today you can find hundreds of various tablecloths on the market – round ones and oblong ones, cotton and polyester ones and even water repellent tablecloths that, well, repel water and are cleaned easily.


New curtains


Windows with no curtains look lonely and cheerless that’s why they need “clothing”. However, curtains, like clothes, can go out of fashion or just get boring with time. It’s high time to purchase new curtains for kitchen, bedroom or living room to make the living space look fresh and new. You can choose and all-time favorite classic window panels or get bright country curtains. Just make sure your new window treatment items go along with the style or color palette of your room.

New throw pillows

You can use adorable little throw pillow to spice up your interior. They come in different sizes, shapes and patterns and you can choose the ones that are perfectly match or go really well with your bedroom or living room. If you choose brightly colored throw pillows you will add more spice and zest to your home. Throw pillows bring coziness to your place because they are much more comfortable to sit or to lean on than a couch with hard back or the bare floor.


New bedspread

One of the most affordable ways to spice up the interior is to use a new bedspread for bedroom or a blanket for a living room couch. Not only the blanket will help keep the couch clean, it also can be the source of new colors and patterns in your interior. Bright or moderate, monochrome or patterned, blankets and bedspreads are a perfect way to make your interior have a nice stylish finish.

New decoration style

Didn’t like any ideas mentioned before? You can try implementing absolutely new decoration items in your living space like statues, plant holders, picture frames, vases and other stylish decor items. Let your creativity reign!


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